Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Usage Instructions & Tips

Sunset is designed to work just by taking 3 capsules 30 minutes before your first drink. A small number of our customers however, have found that it's not always enough to eliminate flushing completely and so here are a few of the tried and tested method we used to get the maximum flush reducing effects when taking Sunset.

Don't feel you have to try to include all of the steps below, but if Sunset doesn't completely get rid of your flushing, try adding in more and more of these steps to see how you do.

Step 1: Make sure your stomach is empty

Try not to eat too much before taking Sunset and consuming alcohol. The presence of excess food in the stomach has been shown to inhibit the function of the formula and reduce it’s flush-fighting power. Note: drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will get you intoxicated faster, so please drink slowly and responsibly.

Step 2: Have a pre-drink before you go out

This is a vital step that can’t be skipped. About 1 to 2 hours before you plan to commence drinking you should have a drink and let your alcohol flush happen. You can do this while you’re getting ready to go out or preparing your house to receive guests. Whatever the situation, it is very important that you have a pre-drink, let your face go red and then wait for the redness to go away (usually 30 minutes to 1 hour after the initial flushing). Some subjects reported the persistence of red eyes even after their flushing had subsided. In this case some simple anti-red eye eyedrops were sufficient to return their eye colour to normal.

Step 3: Take Sunset

Once your pre-drink redness has passed and you’re ready to go out and start drinking for real simply pop 3 capsules of Sunset 20 to 30 minutes before your first drink.

Step 4: Choosing your alcohol

There are some kinds of alcohol that contain flush-provoking ingredients (like tannins) that interfere with the function of Sunset. In all of our testing we were very careful to use low-tannin alcohol varieties so that the supplement could work at its best.

Our Flush-free drink recipe guide will provide you with further details about drink selection for fighting/avoiding alcohol flush. But some simple guidelines are to avoid beer, wine and aged spirits prepared in oak barrels (i.e. whiskey). Also avoid mixers that contain high sugar content such as soft drinks.

These drink recommendations are more important for your first few drinks, so we advise starting your night with drinks based on clear spirits such as vodka, white rum and gin - like a good old Mojito!

[Optional] Step 5: Take Sunset after your first drink

In most of our testing the first 4 steps were enough. In more severe cases of alcohol flushing we found that it was necessary to take another 3 caps of sunset 30 minutes after the first drink. This is because ALDH2 deficiency is more severe in some people and it also accounts for any pre-existing vitamin and mineral deficiencies that might be preventing the proper function of Sunset.

[Optional] Step 6: Daily supplementation

If drinking regularly or more than twice a week, we recommend taking 3 capsules of Sunset every day to support liver health and ensure that the toxic by-products of alcohol are eliminated as fast as possible.

That’s it!

This is how we tested Sunset successfully in those with the most severe Asian glow, and while most of you won't need to follow the steps outlined above, if your reaction to alcohol is particularly strong, we recommend following the full protocol.

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